Company History

1961                            QUEEN KWAN Established in Xinxing Road., South Dist., Tainan City.

1975                            Opened New Factory in Yancheng Road., South Dist., Tainan City.

1979                            Received Grade 1 Factory Certification.

1979                            Received "Motorcycle Safety Helmet Trade Mark.

1982                            Opened New Factory in Dexing Road., South Dist., Tainan City.

1987                            Opened New Factory in Kaifa 2nd Rd., Rende Township, Tainan County.

1996                            Marched to 1996  ISO 9001 Certification.

2002                            Passed European Union standards ECE R22.05. In accordance to European market related product.

                                     Completed ISO-9001-2000 version transform.

2005        January    Opened New Factory in Chung Shang Road, Jen-Te Hsien, Tainan County.

2006-2009                 The annual export helmets of European and America surpass the amount exported to Japan, Asia.

2007                           SAI Global has bron out AS/NZS new testing standard 1698:2006.

2010                           Osbe Italy has suited worldwidely any helmet factory which developed any helmet with intenal dobule

                                     lens system.

2010-2011                 The factory continues to grow up and deeply rooted and produced helmets ONLY in Taiwan.

                                     The export trade supports 90% sale and mainly in Western Europe and America. 

2012                            We developed 2 helmets Modle A727, Modle A687 multi-composite

2013                            We developed helmets Modle A229 Jet helmet with quick dark visor, Modle A231 Jet helmet with quick

                                     dark visor, Modle A729 Full Face DVS, Modle A732 Dual sport.